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Instructions and Operating Manuals

Posi Lock Mechanical Puller Instruction Sheet

This contains information and part numbers for all mechanical puller models.


Hydraulic Puller Instruction Sheets

This contains information and part numbers for all hydraulic puller models.


Hydraulic Puller Insert

This is an insert provided with every hydraulic puller regarding changing the puller jaws.


100- and 200-ton Hydraulic Puller Instructions

These are instructions and part numbers for our 100- and 200-ton hydraulic pullers.


Hydraulic Lift Cart Mounting Instructions

These instructions are for mounting your hydraulic puller on our PT-3050 Hydraulic Cart.


Hydraulic Bench Vise

This manual is for our PHV859A bench vise.


Horizontal Alignment Tools Instructions and Parts

These instructions are for our standard alignment tools.


Metric Horizontal Alignment Tools

This is a parts list for our metric alignment tools. For instructions on how to use them, see the document above.