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  • Posi Lock is pleased to announce its new brand! Click here to read more.

  • Announcing: Posi Lock opens a new showroom and warehouse in Brussels, Belgium! Click here to read more.

  • Posi Lock's European showroom showcases all major products for our EMEA customers and distributors.

  • Posi Lock's new warehouse will greatly streamline delivery to our EMEA customers and distributors.

  • The Posi Lock® Advantage

  • Posi Lock is the only puller able to lock on failed bearing races.

  • Ranging from 1- to 200-ton capacity, our pullers offer the power you need.

  • Our Hydraulic Bench Vise adds flexibility and strength to your workholding.

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Posi Lock is an industry-leading manufacturer of gear and bearing pullers. Since 1978, our patented Safety Cage® has set the bar for safety, durability, and convenience. Designed for use in any industry where equipment and machinery pose tough maintenance challenges, a Posi Lock puller enhances safety and efficiency while reducing downtime and cost.

With a distributor network spanning the globe, Posi Lock is dedicated to creating high-quality solutions for industry problems. Our line of pullers contains manual and hydraulic models with capacities ranging from 1-ton to the world's only caged 200-ton hydraulic puller; and our specialized adapters add versatility to an already diverse tool.


We are proud to offer exceptional customer service. Please feel free to contact us with any questions; and if there is a press-fit removal challenge you routinely face, but cannot find a solution for, please let us know—we are dedicated to helping industry professionals meet the demands of changing technology.