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Posi Lock Puller Inc. is named SBA’s 2013 North Dakota Small Business Exporter of the Year

True to their mission, Posi Lock is dedicated to customer service and support. Vice President Tamara Somerville recently traveled to Mongolia to tour the world’s largest coal-producing company, the Shenhua Group. The Shenhua Group operates 64 mines, and recently purchased Posi Lock’s PH-200T pullers for use on machinery and equipment maintenance.

The exclusive PH-200T is a 4-jaw, 200-ton hydraulic-powered puller that features a patented Safety Cage®. Designed to meet the challenge of tough pulling jobs, Posi Lock Puller’s line of quality gear and bearing pullers efficiently solve problems associated with the removal of gears, bearings, wheels, pulleys, sleeves and other press-fit items.

“It is truly an honor to be recognized as SBA’s North Dakota Small Business Exporter of the Year,” Vice President Tamara Somerville says. “We have aggressive international growth plans here at Posi Lock, and accepting this award is a fantastic milestone!”

Posi Lock’s export of goods is at an all-time high. The company has been recognized by multiple parties, including the North Dakota Trade Office, for their accomplishments. Posi Lock’s outlook is positive as they continue to expand and support international markets.



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