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Posi Lock Hosts Impact Dakota Open House

As part of Impact Dakota's Manufacturing Day event, Posi Lock Puller will host a public open house of our facilities in Cooperstown, ND. The event will run from 8am to 2pm on Friday, October 2, 2015. Attendees will have the chance to tour our facilities, operate one of our CNC machines, and assemble a Model 104 puller. Refreshments will be provided. For safety reasons, please wear closed toe shoes, no sandals or high heels. Click here for more event information.

Posi Lock started in 1974 in a machinery repair shop. Founder Dean Somerville saw a need for a self-aligning universal puller that would remove gears and bearings safely and quickly. Posi Lock Puller, Inc. now manufactures and sells its pullers around the world, offering a complete line of 2 and 3 jaw pullers (both manual and hydraulic) with ranges of 1 to 100 ton capacity.

Impact Dakota's Manufacturing Day is a coordinated effort by manufacturers from around the country to show the public what today’s manufacturer is – and what it’s not.  The day is designed to improve the general public’s perception of manufacturing careers and manufacturing’s value to our economy.

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