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Posi Lock Puller, Inc.

Posi Lock is currently looking for a skilled engineer to help improve and expand our product line. For more information about this position, please contact Human Resources at +1-701-797-2600. To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to Lori@posilock.com


Posi Lock Puller Inc. has an immediate opening in production. A working knowledge of mechanics and hydraulics is helpful but not necessary. M-F 8:00-4:30, benefit package, flex, sick and paid holidays.

Call Lori at +1-701-797-2600 for more details.


Posi Lock Manufacturing, Inc.

Our manufacturing division is currently looking for CNC machinists. For information or to apply, please contact Jodi Somerville at +1-701-797-2881. 


Dakota Turbines, Inc.

Dakota Turbines is looking for an Electrical Engineer, as well additions to the assembly crew. Please contact Lori Hannesson at +1-701-797-3830.